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With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, technology has become a critical resource for managing law practice with global interest. Its emergence has seen technology re-aligning the legal profession globally. From innovative legal technologies to the increasing likelihood of virtual courtrooms and hearings, technology has become the lifeline of a functional legal system. As lawyers we must learn to understand how best to develop our non-legal skills in a growing and changing digital world. The idea of thinking like a lawyer is no longer enough. As budding attorneys, we need to become information handlers in the digital arena.

Our training programs are comprehensive and tailored to meet your professional needs. We ensure that engagement is high, knowledge is shared, and support is always available, equipping you with the techniques and knowledge you can draw upon as and when you need to. All training and support will be delivered by highly competent specialist team with complete transparency and professionalism that ensure the results are measurable. Everything you learn will be immediately applicable to both the personal and professional elements of your everyday law practice.
Our Training Partners - Africa
We Partner with Academic Institutions and Organized Training Platforms Globally with Reference to Regional Relevance and Access
  • Within the African region, we collaborate and partner with a foremost leading digital forensic institute in Africa – Digital Evidence and Cyber Forensic Institute located in Nigeria with African coverage to deliver on: Digital Literacy, Cloud Security, Evidence in the Digital Domain, eDiscovery and Digital Forensic Investigation.
  • The partnership provides a “one stop” solution for law firms, corporations and institutions seeking basic training on Digital transformation and literacy, with a view to understanding Evidence in the Digital Domain. The tools for these courses and training are contained in the book titles: Digital Evidence & eDiscovery Law Practice.
  • The book conceived as a digital tool, individually marked and electronically serialized with a definite code item for access for managing digital evidence, digital forensic investigation and eDiscovery law practice in law courts, remain the locus classicus for our training of lawyers within the Region in Evidence in the digital domain.

In this Academy, you will learn:
  • the key considerations for selecting the right technology and implementing best practices in law office automation.
  • our Digital Literacy Series of articles on eDiscovery, cloud computing, security management, visual literacy for Lawyers and others
  • the mechanism of on-demand videos presented by a panel of our learning team that will take you on existing perceptions of technology and confront emerging challenges.

This session will provide you with an overview of legal issues to be aware of in the age of digital evidence, eDiscovery, risks of evidence-tampering, digital forensics and the tools to overcome threats such as phishing campaigns.

Course Bundles
The entire document that pervade the entire space of the AttorneysBrief law practice management software are digital documents and therefore......Read More
Cloud computing has become a veritable choice of IT platform for lawyers globally. With this trend, Law firms have begun the movement of the......Read More
The entire document that pervade the entire space of the AttorneysBrief law practice management software are digital documents and therefore......Read More

Discussion Forum
The Discussion Forum provides a platform where specific technical topics from the course are discussed. Discussion posts are published to all Course bundles. This enables participants to review material prior to an assignment or self-evaluation. On the whole, discussion forum ensures better interaction and effective learning outcomes