Understanding Cloud in Computing Sense

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Cloud computing has become a veritable choice of IT platform for lawyers globally. With this trend, Law firms have begun the movement of their IT processing and data to servers located outside their law offices, having seen the need for Cloud as an appropriate choice given its flexibility and affordability and an effective alternative to traditional or ‘on premise’ server and desktop-based platforms. Despite these benefits, there are still concerns that the adoption of cloud technology by law firms may bring with it security, confidentiality and data protection issues. Regardless of what technology you implement at your law firm, all lawyers are bound to their professional duties with regard to confidentiality rules. This course will help you determine whether cloud technology is right for your firm, and how it can support safe and ethical legal practice. This course is best suited for new entrants researching and considering using cloud technology and cloud based legal practice management software such as that provided by Attornyesbrief in their law firm.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Understanding cloud in computing? 
  • Why Go Cloud?
  • Are You Ready For The Cloud?
  • What are the benefits and risks of cloud technology?
  • Official Cloud Guidelines
  • Cloud Security and law firms
Course Content
Understanding Cloud in Computing Sense
Why Go Cloud?
• How Ready are For The Cloud?
What are The Risks Inherent in Cloud Technology?
How Secured is the Cloud?