Bundle: Discovery of Electronic Document in Judicial Proceeding

Description & Focus

The entire document that pervade the entire space of the AttorneysBrief law practice management software are digital documents and therefore subject to discovery in judicial proceedings, where found expedient. Therefore, you must be conversant with their interaction within the digital ecosystem. For this reason we shall take you by way of introduction through the labyrinth of evidence in the digital domain.

Our Focus/Objective
First you must realize that the Attorneysbrief legal software management system accommodates the upload and download of electronic documents, in the manner of PDF, videos and audio files. They all constitute electronic documents that are subject to discovery.
You will also realize that digital forensic investigation may be conducted on your platform or the discovery process may require you to give access to certain document contained in the software you have subscribed to.
It follows therefore, that if you have not yet been served with discovery requests of recent in a legal proceeding, seeking electronic documents, the chances are you will soon be. In the likely event you are served:

a) what are your obligations in responding to discovery seeking electronic evidence?

b) Do you possess the technological sophistication necessary to properly advise clients on what to do with regard to preserving electronic evidence once it becomes apparent that litigation is a possibility? 

c) When is it appropriate for you to request a computer forensic investigation?

What is the current case providing guidance for the costs of producing

d) electronic evidence and what are appropriate sanctions for not producing electronic evidence or failing to prevent it from spoliation?

It is against this background that this course is structures. 


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Digital Literacy: A Sine qua non for lawyers in the 21st Century Law Practice 

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